Friday, August 21, 2009

It is that time again!! Back to School!!

I was out shopping the other day and noticed all the school supplies. I caught a glance of the classic box of crayon crayola placed in a large bin. Children were gathered around the bin filled with the primary yellow box, out line in the typical green style. That was one of my greatest joys as a child getting a fresh new box of crayons!! Just to crack open a box and take a big whiff....awwwww touch of heaven!! To me there was nothing like new crayons with that sharp new untouched tip, perfect for outlining those favored coloring books! I can still remember searching for the famous yellow #2 pencils and their special little top hat erasers to match!! Searching up and down the Dimestore aisles was pure delight. I just never knew what might call my name. Oh yes, there it is, the glue.... the perfect little bottle of yellow goo with the rubber slanted tip. I always wanted that, but it was never on the teachers list. Hmmm I wonder why??? Goo heaven, perhaps?! We were always assigned to get the white paste. What a bore compared to the yellow goo liquid, with that mysterious rubber tip.
I can remember kids having a fetish with their glue, turning around to see Timmy eating it, YUCK!! Well it did smell kinda good but eating it, was pure crazy to me!!! Who could ever forget those special blunt scissors we were all assigned to get in elementary school. To this day I can hear, "be careful you could cut yourself" and......"I said, don't cut your sisters hair," it still echos through the memories of my mind. Do you remember the Big Red Cheif tablets? Today, someone might think you were talking about the latest street drug. Move over Big Cheif, there is a new kid on the block. This kid arrived a good 10 years ago, now. That notebook and I don't mean the 3 ring binder required in High School. Nope, it is a new day!! These notebooks have batteries with rams. (which are not animals on the front) Gone is Big Cheif, gone is the glue bottle with the slanted rubber stoppers and Timmy is gone too.

One thing remains...the same...the smell of crayola crayons with the perfect sharpend tips!! Mmmmmm, yes indeed, still a bit of heaven to me.

Have a great year at school everyone. Remember, it is those little things, that are the BIG things!

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  1. I think the thing I remember most about school and just about any school you go into (SMELLS LIKE PEANUT BUTTER AND PASTE) AND the occasional whiff of Pine sol. Now that is a smell to remember!