Thursday, April 28, 2011

Max on Life...Book Review

I recently have read this wonderful book by Max Lucado titled, Max on Life. The subtitle is Answers and Insights to Your Most Important Questions. Max has been honored to be place as one of the New York Times Best-Selling List authors. He has been blessed to sell over 100 million products in the printed form. That is an amazing results to his career as a writer and encourager. I was thrilled to receive his latest book through I could not wait to find time to spend with Max and glean from his insightful wisdom. I was thoroughly thrilled with what I found within the pages of his newest creation. There I found questions to some of my own wonderments. Max approaches subject like adultery, addictions, abuse, anxiety, and that is just in the (A) category. With today pressures and intense calamities this book offers welcome respite for the soul. Max handles each issue with Grace and yet fullness of Truth. I especially enjoy how he connects scriptural truths with each question. Max does not shy away from tackling "the deep" questions either. He full admits he does not know everything; but know the one who does and directs the reader to search the scripture to find the resolve needed. You will find all these questions in the book have came to Max by personal encounters through out his years of writing. He compiled the collection to offer the reader insights to the longing, burning questions of Life. You will not be disappointed in this book. It is a treasured gem waiting to be unearthed. I hope you find time to sit with Max and enjoy the down-to-earth approach he takes on addressing some of the hard issues of life. You will find grace and peace woven all throughout this book. Awwww what a refreshing blessing!

This book was kindly offered for review by Thomas Nelson Publishing Company. Thank you!

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